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Why I Chose Poetic Xchange Jewelry

When I saw that one of my favorite jewelry companies (Waxing Poetic) branched off into a new social selling company I got excited. Most pieces of their collection balance together fine .925 sterling silver and warm brass. If you’re one of those people who has trouble trying to coordinate their jewelry the two-tone palette makes it a lot easier. I’m probably the only one but I try to make sure my jewelry doesn’t clash with the tone of my purse hardware or other incidental metal (belt buckles, etc)…

I’ve noticed their attention to detail is impeccable. Each piece of jewelry is beautiful both front and back. All rings are carefully soldered shut, even their silver hallmarks have a little tiny butterfly.

The quality and vintage aesthetics of Waxing Poetic jewelry met the personalized and heartfelt sentiments of Poetic Xchange. The wax seal motif carried over from Waxing Poetic to Poetic Xchange, and so did the petite insignias which hearken to a time of heraldic crests, a time where every message was sealed with wax. Nowadays we no longer seal our letters with wax or hang a coat of arms on our wall. However we can still display our symbols proudly in the form of a sterling seal over our hearts.

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Tiny Tokens Necklace: Petite Anchor

Sometimes life can be tumultuous and the crashing waves can knock you right off your feet. We all have our anchors that help us hang on and avoid being swept out to sea. Sometimes your anchor is your person, or a promise you’ve made to yourself. Remind yourself of your anchor, or let your anchor know how special they are to you.

sterling silver petite anchor necklace delicate chain

Poetic Xchange Anchor Necklace

Petite and delicate anchor necklace, brass on a sterling silver chain, you can find this in the necklaces section, subsection “Poeme” collection. Find it Here!