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What’s in the Flying Start Starter Kit?

I’ve been asked for a more detailed look at what comes in the Poetic Xchange Flying Start kit. It costs $199.00 but comes with $664.00 worth of goodies.

Most important thing– there’s a code on your invoice for 50% off your next order on up to 6 pieces of jewelry. The discount code expires in a month so use it quickly! I was distracted by all the jewelry and didn’t notice this until later on. So be sure to make your wishlist asap.

The Jewelry

Here’s a list of what’s included:

inventory list

poetic xchange grace chain brass and sterling silver butterflies

The brass and sterling butterfly (Grace) chain, one of my favorite pieces

poetic xchange anchor necklace

Poeme Anchor Necklace

sterling silver oval ball chain

Oval ball chain, they are usually brighter silver (I antiqued this one)

poetic xchange birthstone charm

“Precious You” Birthstone Charm

poetic xchange texas charm

“Home is Where the Charm Is” Texas Charm

marquis charm

Marquis Initial Charm

poetic xchange that a boy and girl charms

That-A-Girl and Boy Charms

poetic xchange write on charm large oval

Large Write-On Oval Charm

write on charm small heart

Small Write-On Heart

Poetic Xchange Signs of Life Paw Print Charm

Signs of Life Paw Print

Poetic Xchange sterling baby ball chain necklace

Sterling Silver Baby Ball Chain

brass and sterling bangle

Brass “Grace” Bangle (pictured with the At-A-Boy and Girl charms)

Poetic Xchange Write-On Bangle Brass

Brass Write-On Bangle

Poetic Xchange flying start kit jewelry

Group Shot! Write-on brass bangle not pictured in this shot

The kit comes with a few pre-personalized pieces, perfect for displaying at your exchange. There are two font choices when you decide to personalize a piece of jewelry, the modern “Lark” and cursive-inspired “Pirouette” font. The two write-on charms show the “Pirouette” font and the bangle shows the “Lark” font.

Paper and Promotional Materials


From the left: 25 hosting pamphlets, 25 catalogs, and 25 luminary info pamphlets


Table-top display sign


Folder, perfect for storing your order forms (also shown in this picture)

Other Things

Jewelry storage pouches

Jewelry storage pouches

NOT PICTURED: the tote (which has already been put to good use), postcard invitations (75), polishing cloth, and blue cardboard pillow box.

The kit came with a lot of pieces that I loved: the butterfly chain, bangles, chains, paw print charm, and anchor necklace. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! If you’re interested and want an opportunity packet fill out the form Here.

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Poetic Xchange Jewelry Unboxing

The UPS man brought me another present today. I’m always impressed at how well Poetic Xchange packages their jewelry.

poetic xchange jewelry order unboxing

And then….

poetic xchange jewelry packaging

Poetic Xchange Jewelry Packaging

Each order comes with a small blue pillow-style gift box, a soft pouch for safe keeping, and a card with care instructions.

item number # WO8-SS with pirouette fontI purchased the sterling silver write-on cuff, which is a bracelet that can be customized with any saying of your choice. My fiance always jokes that I’m actually a mermaid so I thought this would be fitting.

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DIY Photo Charm with UV Resin


I’ve learned a lot about sweetheart jewelry since I’ve started reenacting with my fiance. During WWI and WWII soldiers would give their loved ones jewelry. These keepsakes would let their loved ones feel connected even if their soldier was thousands and thousands of miles away.

Last year my fiance gave me a beautiful WWII locket, which I save for reenactments and special occasions. I wanted to create something I could wear daily and keep close to my heart. I noticed the Poetic Xchange toteme charms have a nice ridge around the edge which makes them perfect for a bezel-style pendant. I decided to make a tiny photo charm using a picture of us from a reenactment.

If you DIY everything (like I do) you might have a gel manicure kit. I was able to use the UV lamp from my kit. I was amazed at how durable the gel coating was.

What you will need:

  • Patience
  • An x-acto knife or sharp scissors
  • Photo or photo printer and paper
  • UV lamp and clear gel
  • Super glue
  • Acetone (if you need to re-do anything)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clear acrylic sealer (like Krylon), preferably UV resistant


  1. Print out plenty of copies of your photo. It took me a few tries to get it cut out just right. I used a quick coat of acrylic spray seal to make sure the photo wouldn’t smear when the gel coat was applied.
  2. Clean your charm with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil.
  3. Make a small dot of super glue in the middle of your charm. Keep a paper towel nearby in case the drop ends up being too big. If you use too much glue it will seep around the edges of the photo.
  4. Carefully position your photo and wait for the superglue to dry.
  5. Take a close look and make sure your charm and photo are both free of dust and debris.
  6. Use a fairly thick layer of gel and apply. Cure with your UV lamp.
  7. Using your rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, gently remove the moisture layer that has formed on top of your charm.
  8. Do another thick coat of gel and cure, then remove the moisture layer again.
  9. Enjoy!

diy uv gel photo charm jewelrypoetic xchange toteme

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